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USA FloristWorldwide Floral NetworkUSA Florist at www.USA-Florist.COM is a member of the Worldwide Floral Network. Below are listed some recent comments from happy customers who have used our network's services.

"YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! Every time I order with you, you exceed expectations. Thank you!!"
Margaret, Bellevue, WA

"Hi the flowers that I ordered from you for my sister were sooo beautiful. I am very pleased with the order and will order again."
Andrea, AL

"Dear Wendy & Jenny: My friend has just called me, from NY to London. She is thrilled with her flowers; and thank you for taking the time to call and check she was at home, before you delivered!! Excellent service, I shall definitely use you again!"

"I just wanted to congratulate you. I just received probably the best service ever on an internet purchase. I placed an order, and it was less than five minutes when someone got in touch. It's great to know there's someone out there providing such a magnificent service. Thank you."

"I have been living in Europe for 8 years and the distance during holidays is difficult. I try my best to send something to friends and family so they are assured I am thinking of them even though I am not there. Over the years I have tried many florists, including my old local favorites, and my family has given me the feedback on each one. You know how honest families can be!

Once, I wanted to send my mother a bamboo plant. It arrived on-time, but the 'plant' was three sticks about 6 inches high with one growing leaf! All for the low price of $50! (needless to say she saw the same thing at Walmart for $12, BUT with more blooms). On other orders I have a budget in mind and when I get to the last page they have charged me $30 for Saturday delivery, additional taxes and anything else they can get you for!

Imagine my surprise when I was surfing to find your site! I was given pricing options of Regular or Deluxe so I didn't have to choose something else because it was out of my budget and with everything included I knew what my total would be. I ended up spending a bit more because NOTHING was hidden! I also received a confirmation of my requested date of delivery, etc.. The best part was when my mother called to tell me that the plant was beautiful and the quality of the flower that was added; that was priceless.
Needless to say we were all happy.

So thank you very much! You have reinstated my faith in on-line flower shopping!"
Nathalie R., Paris, France

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great flowers you have sent for me. This was my second time ordering from you and your prompt delivery and great prices have made everyone very happy. Thanks again, from your newest loyal customer."
Mike N., Lakeville, MA


"I'd like to applaud you for having a good toll-free phone service. I called 1-888-705-9999 and was answered immediately by a human, which was a tremendous surprise. Didn't even have a hold time, which would be understandable today (Valentine's Day). The receptionist, I believe she said her name was Judy, was cheerful and even had a sense of humor! She also seemed to be intelligent and alert (that's pretty unusual for 800 customer service numbers)."

"I would like to commend you on your service so far. You have been very helpful and I will most likely call on you again for any similar needs I may have. Service is key... and you have it. Thanks again."
Matthieu C., Montreal, Canada

"I just wanted to thank you for the great way you handled my order. I just talked to my Aunt and she said the flowers you delivered were absolutely beautiful and brighten her hospital room with much love and joy. I wanted your company to know how much I appreciate the way you conduct your business. I have bookmarked your site and will use you as my online florist. Again thank you."
Robert C., Tacoma, WA

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased my aunt was with the flowers I ordered from you. She said they were just gorgeous and the arrangement was huge. It's nice to have an online florist I can have complete confidence in ordering from. Thank you and keep up the good work. I've given your address to three friends already because of the beautiful arrangement you sent my aunt."
Sheila H., Willett, NY

"Thank you. My friend called to thank me and was delighted with the arrangement. I trust it was truly as lovely as she said. Thank you for the prompt delivery and the fine work. I have you bookmarked for future use and would gladly recommend you to others."
Kathy, Mahwah, NJ

"Dear Pat, I really feel that I have to thank you for delivering the lovely flowers to my dear friends in Alabama.

I have had the most awful time trying to send her some thank-you flowers through [a another company].
I ordered and paid for them at my local florist shop and they were not delivered. A week later they apologised for a technical problem and said they would send the order that day plus an apology bouquet also. They were not delivered. I continued chatting to my friend on the internet not mentioning the problems I was having, as I wanted them to be a surprise. I cancelled the order with [the other company] and had to wait a further week for them to cancel the order and refund my money. The best of it is that last year I wanted some flowers delivered to the same friend for her birthday. They were delivered a day before her birthday and it was a potted plant, not the yellow roses that I had asked for!

So, you can understand now how grateful I am to your company for not only delivering the beautiful flowers that I asked for on the very same morning but it was so easy to order. I will definitely order through you again."
Kathryn, North Wales, UK

"Thank you so very much for all the time and effort that you put into making my mother’s birthday special! I will most definitely be using your company again as well as recommending it to friends. I really appreciate the swift actions taken by yourselves when you realized that you could not deliver before 10am which was my special request. I appreciate your call allowing me to be kept in the picture and left re-assured about the order. Many thanks for your all your effort and quality of service. I doubt anyone can match your prices and client care."
Shivali P., London, UK

"'Just wanted to say that it is nice to know that excellent customer service still exists. Your handling of my recent order was great and very professional. Your constant updates, quick responses and delivery was greatly appreciated. And the 25% discount for that extra day was more than expected (we will match the amount and donate to a local charity).

I heard about this service and Website from my sister who recommended it, and I will also pass it on. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and once again, nice to know some professional and courteous business people are out there. We are happy customers!"
Peter & Linda, Brooklin, ON

"Thank you for delivering my order so promptly. I heard rave reviews that the flowers were gorgeous. Thank you for making my present a success. I will definitely use you in the future and happily recommend you to others."
Heather C., Portsmouth, NH

"I am sending this message to thank you for the promptness of your work and timely delivery. Many thanks to the staff and management."
Nael Q., Amman, Jordan

"Thanks so much for a wonderful service. My Mom was in the hospital on her Birthday and the flowers really cheered her up! I made the order and you delivered all in the same day! Wow! Way to go! I will surely recommend you to all my friends and family!"
Angel C., USA

"Thank you for your prompt, efficient service. I am pleased to report that the flowers were delivered today, after 3pm as was requested. The recipient was delighted, and on seeing a digital photograph of the finished presentation, it was obviously of excellent quality. The flowers were delivered in absolutely prime condition, for which thank you.

Value for money and speed of service both excellent in comparison with [another company], whom I have used previously. I also compliment you on an e-commerce system that successfully handles international orders - many US companies are lacking in this regard. I would have no qualms in recommending your service, and have bookmarked your site in case I have need of it again."
Keith D., East Sussex, UK

"The flowers were beautiful and thanks a lot for the call regarding the mug, the basket was much more appropriate [for a funeral]. Thank you."
Derrick L.

"I contacted my mother last night and she did receive the flowers. She absolutely loved your arrangement and the freshness of your flowers. She said of all the flowers I have sent her, these were the best. I will be another satisfied customer to add to your list. Thank You."
Sabrina A., Cottonwood, AZ

"I wanted to just say thank you. I was not able to attend the funeral but my sister from Olathe, KS called and told me how beautiful they were and that they were admired by everyone. Again, thank you for you assistance and I'll be sure to use your company again."
Linda H., Wichita, KS

"I used your services for the first time and my mother called me right away to say she was thrilled with the flowers. I order flowers often and many of those orders go to my mother. She has always been happy with the flowers, but told me that this was the most beautiful arrangement she has received. I was really surprised because I have paid upwards of $75 for arrangements before [from other companies]. Thank you very much. You can believe that I will use your services again (in fact today) and will recommend you to others."
Wanda P., Fairfax, VA

"I spoke to my daughter yesterday... she had received the flowers and was very happy with them. My wife, who is there with her to help with the new baby, also said the arrangement is beautiful.

Thank you... when you are half way round the world at a time like this, you're entirely 'at the mercy' of the vendor. In the years that I have been using the Canadian branch of this service ( , and now with your service on this occasion, I have received nothing but the best results. Every time I have sent flowers through you, the recipients have been delighted."
Hasan B., Bahrain

"I have just returned from the funeral for which I ordered flowers from you. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the arrangement. There were many pretty flowers [at the funeral] but my bouquet was something to be proud of. I think the price was great for such a nice bouquet. Thank you."
Lois B., Banning, CA

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